Bullet Journal is a fantastic way to make your life more productive and to help you plan your life efficiently and with ease. When I started my Bullet Journal a few years back I didn’t know where to start and was overwhelmed by the number of collections people had. I tried a lot of different collections until I found the ones I needed.

Apart from some pages that are a must in most Bullet Journals, every BuJo enthusiast has his own must-have pages and collections that help them plan their life and be more productive.

So naturally, I too have my own, so I compiled a list of pages I must have in my Bullet Journal.

1. Index

You can’t have a good planner if you don’t start with an index. The best way to keep track of everything you have in your Bullet Journal is to have an index page at the start of your journal. If you are using the official Leuchtturm 1917 notebook then you already have designated pages for the index. But you can simply make your own. In a simple, textbook style, just add page numbers and content of that page so you can easily find it.

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2. Future log

Future log is basically a calendar for the year up ahead. I keep my future log simple, I just write out the dates and add birthdays for every month and maybe some other big events like weddings or anniversary and that’s it. As part of my Future log, I add a to-do list for that year – a general plan of things I want to accomplish in that year and sometimes I add a list of movies that are coming that year which I’d like to watch and their release dates.

3. Monthly log

Monthly log is a simple way to plan for the month ahead. I just write out the dates, add birthdays or events for that month and a to-do list. At the beginning of each month, I sit down and plan the month ahead. Most people have a monthly spread page (you know that beautiful, artistic page at the beginning of each month) but since I’m not so artistically inclined I kind of skipped that. A few months ago I started making that too but I’m not so sure I’ll stick with it. This is the thing I like about Bullet Journal: you can try out something and if you don’t like it simply continue without it. It’s great!

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4. Habit tracker

I keep a very simple habit tracker for each month. Just a list of things I’d like to track daily with added dates and boxes I check out. I track a lot of things in my habit tracker and it changes from month to month because I try to form new habits non-stop, so I play around each month. If you need some ideas what to track in your Bullet Journal, I recommend reading my post about 10 things to track in your habit tracker.

5. Daily/weekly logs

I use one or the other but never both at the same time. When I started I was having a weekly log but then had a period where I did daily logs, ten days at a time. That didn’t really work out for me because I like making a plan for the week ahead. It’s easier to make a to-do list for that week without specifying the day you’ll do it and then choosing a day for that task along the way.

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6. Shows

I watch a lot of shows and although Netflix keeps track of my watching history, I really love having it all on paper. As with everything else, I try keeping it as simple as possible, so I just add the name of the show, episodes per season in little boxes and then I tick of the episodes I watched. I have a plan to maybe make it more appealing in my next Bullet Journal but I still haven’t got ideas, so I’ll think it through.

7. Books

Since I love reading and every year have a plan to read at least two books a month (or 24 in a year) I keep track of my reading schedule in my book collection. It’s simple as everything else: author, the title of the book, date I started and date I finished reading. It’s nice to see how much time I spend reading each book and this is a simple way to track how many books I’ve read in a year. My plan for my next Bullet Journal book collection is to add a short comment about each book I’ve read, so it’ll be like my own book review page.

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8. Mental notes

I have a few pages in each Bullet Journal where I jot down things I want to remember or something I want to check out further. I don’t like to add things like that in my regular journal or on some daily page because I’ll forget where I wrote it down. This way I have it all in one place where it’s easily found.

9. Online orders

Since I love online shopping waaaay more than regular shopping I’m always ordering one thing or the other. And I like to keep track of what I order, so I write down the item ordered, price, date and a place from which it was ordered. I add a date when it arrived so to know for further purchases from the same sellers.

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10. Things I’d like to have

Things I’d like to have is like my ultimate wishlist. It’s like a wish list for things that I’ll buy someday when I’ll have more money for it. It really ranges from things like a Smash book with a smash stick to a good office desk. It’s nice to have a list like that, so I know what I’m working for and I like having a place to write down when I think of something new.

So, these were ten pages I simply must have in my Bullet Journal. Of course, from time to time I experiment with other collections or get inspired with seeing other journals, so I try out different things but these are the basics.

Which pages you couldn’t leave out of your Bullet Journal?

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