Every Bullet Journal lover has a list of must-have pages for their journal and one of them is a habit tracker.

Habit tracker is a simple way to track, well… your habits πŸ™‚ I like keeping track of some things not just for my own statistic but because it kind of keeps me on track. I simply can’t bear to leave those boxes unticked all the time, so I push myself to do my monthly quota just to mark it down. It’s a great accountability tracker, actually.

Habit tracker is also a great way to form new habits because it can serve as a daily reminder for whatever you want it to be.

So, what are the most common things people include in their habit tracker? Options are limitless! I’ve compiled a list of things I track in my Bullet Journal.

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1. Workout/yoga/gym/running

Tracking my workouts is a MUST because it’s the only way for me to work out at all. I am changing my workout tracker based on the plan for the month. Sometimes I only do yoga at home but sometimes I get crazy and start working out for real. And this is my accountability tracker. I am unbelievably lazy and it really pushes me to do more.

2. Water intake

We all need to drink more water! And the best way to motivate yourself is to add it to your tracker to hold yourself accountable. Somehow putting things on paper are better motivation than just deciding you’ll do something. Since I started tracking my water intake it has improved – a lot! I aim for a three liter per day and on most days I drink more than that.

3. No soda

This is a fairly common thing to track in your BuJo, especially if you’re trying to be healthier and ditch some bad habits, such as drinking soda. I know it sounds incredible but since I started having a habit tracker I stopped drinking soda. Like ever. Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I had soda. I know it sounds funny but I really didn’t wanna leave those boxes empty too often and voila! I’m soda free! (Okay, and drinking crazy amounts of water daily had a big impact too :))

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4. No alcohol

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no alcoholic. But there are times when social life happens a few days in a row and there are times when an occasional glass of wine happens on a random Wednesday. So I like to track how often that happens. Just to know when to start worrying πŸ™‚

5. Reading

I love reading. And I simply don’t read enough. When I was younger I always had a book with me and I’d always reach for my book when I had time. Now I have a Kindle, which is even more practical to have on me at all times but too often I spend my time in front of one screen or the other, so tracking my reading habits is a good way to remind me I should read more. Plus I don’t want more than a week to pass between my readings so it’s an easy way to track that too.

6. Journaling

With our busy lifestyle, it’s often hard to find time for yourself, just to sit down and journal. As with reading, I don’t want too much time to pass between my journaling days, so I put it in my tracker to remind myself it’s time to take that pen and notebook. It’s time to get lost in my world for at least 15 minutes.

7. Fruit/vegetables

Oh my, I don’t eat enough fruit! I don’t know what’s my issue with fruit. I like eating it, there are fruits I actually really love but somehow it’s like a chore to eat it. I try to eat vegetables with every meal I have but I simply can’t find time for fruit. So I have to track it to keep myself accountable and to see how often I actually reach for that apple. And I must admit it’s not often enough. But I’m trying.

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8. No snack

Snacking is my weakest spot. I could enter the kitchen 15 times a day and each and every time I could eat something (and I don’t mean an apple). So I really, really need to control myself and try avoiding snacks at all cost. I put them all out of arms reach and I must admit it helped. My snacking is at a minimum and I’m really happy about it. Now when I enter my kitchen I have a glass of water instead. (Still working on snacking on some fruit)

9. No extra spend

To be honest, I’m not a big spender. I really don’t like going shopping and I absolutely hate trying on new things. But! My weakness is online shopping. I could spend hours and hours (and a lot of money) on Amazon, or eBay, or Wish. There is always a million things I want, and I need massive self-control to curb the urge to buy it all. So I track my spending habits. And the tracker also keeps me in check.

10. Vitamin/supplement intake

Tracking my vitamin intake should be helping me form a new habit but I’m still working on it. I don’t know why but I simply can’t form a habit. I regularly forget about my multivitamin and my maca powder and my magnesium and my calcium. I track it in hope that it will help me get in order and I’ll start taking my vitamins daily.

My habit tracker changes month to month and I add new things as my life changes. When I want to work on some habit some more I add it to my tracker, it could be anything like drawing, singing, more/less sleeping, stop smoking, less screen time… But these are more or less every month in my tracker.

What habits do you track in your Bullet Journal? Did it help you with forming new habits? What would you add to my list?

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