I definitely have a problem with notebooks (and all other stationery, for that matter). I would buy notebooks all the time, even though I have empty notebooks waiting to be used but I’m always in the search for a new one. And since I cannot wait to fill one notebook to start another I simultaneously use several journals and each has its own purpose.

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10 types of journals to use

There are really a million ways you can use a new notebook because every person has his own unique way of filling up those pages. That’s the real beauty in it – making your own thing whatever you chose to do.

So, I decided to share with you types of journals I use and maybe give you an idea what you can do with your beautiful, new notebook.

1. Bullet journal

The first journal I use is my Bullet Journal. Bullet Journal is more of a planner type than a regular journal. But the beauty of it is you can make anything you want from it. In my BuJo I track down my tasks, habits, I plan my days, weeks, months. I have several collections but tend to keep all quite simple. In it I track books I read and online orders I made, I have a period and a workout tracker and a collection dedicated to my “mental notes”. I’m also keeping track of the shows I watch and keep a list of things I wish to buy.

You can see my basic Bullet Journal in this post. It’s not very artistic but it’s very practical. I don’t have an official Leuchtturm1917 notebook, actually, I don’t even have a dotted notebook (which is recommended for a Bullet Journal – and really is the best option). I bought some basic, plain notebook in my local supermarket and it serves me well – you really need only the basics, nothing fancy.

10 types of journal to use

2. Weight loss journal

Next journal I have is my weight loss journal. It ‘s a great way to keep track of my weight loss journey. In it, I have my stats and try to add new measurements every two weeks. On a daily basis, I write down what and when I eat and I track my workout schedule. It’s a simple way to keep track of my progress and my daily habits as you can see in this post here. For my weight loss journal, as for my cat’s journal too, I use just a basic notebook.

10 types of journal to use

3. Cats journal

Last year during the summer we found two kittens hiding under our car. When we realized they were abandoned and basically live in our garage, we decided to adopt them. Of course, I started a cats journal when we got them so I can track their veterinarian appointments, vaccinations, other medical issues and things like weight and some other basic info. Here on the picture of my cat’s journal is a photo of my two cats when they were just a few months old. Aren’t they the cutest?

10 types of journal to use

4. Blog / ideas journal

When I started thinking about making a blog I decided it would be best to put some ideas on paper and see how that goes. I took a cute little notebook which I could always carry with me so if I get an idea I could jot it down anywhere. (Yeah, I know I can simply put a note in my phone but that’s not so fun as pulling out a notebook :)) Every post I make I first write here. All the ideas are first written there.

10 types of journal to use

5. Practice journal

I have one journal I made myself. I printed out some dotted pages, sewn them together and made a cover with cardboard paper and some wrapping paper. (Man, I love wrapping paper!) This is the notebook I use as a cover photo for Ugly Journal – the red one with white dots. Mind you, it’s not as good as it may sound but I think that I did a swell job – considering it was basically my first handmade notebook.

So, this notebook has two purposes: one is for practice, other for sales. On one side I write down sales in my local markets which I frequent. I love discounts (who doesn’t?) so each week as the sales changes I write down the things we use, so I know which store to go to. And the other side of my handmade notebook is for practicing brush lettering, or lettering in general and a bit of sketching and drawing. Basically, yeah, for everything πŸ™‚

10 types of journal to use

6. Quotes journal

For years now I have had one notebook dedicated exclusively to quotes. Quotes I find online or from the books I read. I have them all written in one place so it’s easy to find one when I want to implement it into my regular journal. But I hade them written in a big basic notebook, school type, and decided to spruce it up a little so recently started making a new quotes journal – I have this beautiful notebook with Van Goghs CafΓ© Terrace on the cover, where I write it out fancier and hopefully in time it’ll be more artistic.

10 types of journal to use

7. Travel journal

Of course, one of the more popular ideas for using a blank notebook is for a travel journal. Unfortunately, my travel journal is the emptiest of all of my journals. I really use it the least, since I don’t travel as much as I would like. But it’s the cutest – it’s Moleskines limited edition Hello Kitty notebook. Every time I look at that notebook it brings a smile on my face πŸ™‚ I use my travel journal when I’m on the road and I write about the places I visited, I glue in some receipts, tickets, maybe a postcard and write about the journey itself. I honestly hope I’ll utilize it more in the future.

10 types of journal to use

8. Recipe journal

I don’t know about you but keeping all my recipes online or in some digital notebook just doesn’t do it for me. When I’m in the kitchen, my hands greased from kneading dough I cannot scroll through my phone or tablet to read my recipe, I simply need that paper next to me. That’s why keeping a recipe journal is a must for every person who likes to spend time in the kitchen. I already wrote a post about my recipe journal. It is as simple as everything else. I recently started a new one (to spruce it up a bit) so now I have photos and stuff. It looks way cooler.

10 types of journal to use

9. Regular journal

This is the most important type of journal for me. This is my diary, my art journal, my platform for working on my creative side and my everything else. This is THE journal. It’s a place where I write about everything: from daily events, my feelings and problems, plans and ideas, my dreams and wishes. It’s the most helpful tool for my anxiety and the biggest self-help I have. The best thing about keeping a journal is you can make it any way you want – there are no limits. You just want to write? Be my guest. You want to draw/sketch/be artistic? Knock yourself out! The sky really is the limit. If you want to start journaling but don’t know how check out this post.

10 types of journal to use

10. Junk journal

So, I still haven’t started making my junk journal but I pledged to myself I would start before summer (hopefully). Junk journal is a great way to fire up your creative side and do whatever the hell you want! Scrap paper, cardboard paper, old magazines, books, lace, stickers, stamps and every other piece of paper you can glue into it – everything goes! The beauty of a junk journal is that it gives you the freedom to with it whatever you feel the moment you start doing it. I started collecting scraps for my junk journal, which I plan to do from scratch – following ideas from Vintage Junk Journals. Once I start making my junk journal I’ll share it so everyone can see my ugly junk journal πŸ™‚

Yeah, I think this is basically what I use/plan to use. I also have a little pocket notebook I carry with myself all the time. It’s like a little reminder for things I need to remember on the go, for lists of thing I need to buy, measurements of my furniture (which was very helpful when we were moving and I had to buy stuff like tablecloth for our new table – and I had the measurements of the table in this little notebook) or anything that pops to mind while I’m not home. Yeah, I know, I have my phone, but I LOVE paper and pen. Now that I’ve written out how many different notebooks I use, it seems I love it a bit too much πŸ™‚

What is your favourite way to fill up a new notebook? What type of journal is a must for you?

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