It’s unbelievable that it’s almost February! It seems like it was yesterday that I was choosing my December cover pages and drawing Christmas trees! And here I am, searching for a perfect February cover page for your Bullet Journal.

So, February. It’s hard to think of February and not think of love. Yes, most of the ideas you’ll find on this list are somehow connected with love and are filled with it!

All these February cover pages you find here are drawn by me but most of the ideas are not my own and the amazing people who came up with these ideas should and will be credited. I just want to show you that you too can have a beautiful cover page even if you are not artistic (like me :)).

So, here we go!

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1. Hearts all around

February Bullet Journal cover page

I actually didn’t see this anywhere but I was inspired with all the beautiful covers with a wreath so I decided to make my own wreath for a February cover page. Just simple heart-filled wreath with a touch of glitter. You gotta love those glitter pens πŸ™‚

2. 3D heart

February Bullet Journal cover page

It always amazes me when I see these 3D drawings, although I’ve seen only the ones with a hand. So I decided to make a heart with the same effect. I didn’t exactly succeed in making a real 3D effect but I think it looks awesome, nevertheless.

3. Book love

February Bullet Journal cover page

I saw this drawing on Pinterest and immediately decided it would be an awesome February cover page. This is a great choice for every book lover and it really isn’t complicated to make.

4. Carnival

February Bullet Journal cover page

Here in Croatia, February is a month of carnivals and my town has one of the longest carnival traditions in the country so it was inevitable to choose a carnival theme for my February cover page. Of course, since I’m not an artist, first I needed to find out how to draw a mask and found this tutorial that helped me with drawing a carnival mask.

5. Pink floral

February Bullet Journal cover page

The idea for this cover page also came from Pinterest. Although the original has that soft pink I color, I still think mine turned out quite great. It’s simple, it’s beautiful and it has a perfect romantic feeling of February.

6. Tree of love

February Bullet Journal cover page

I still haven’t learned how to take a photo of glitter pens, as is evident on this one πŸ™‚ I can’t really remember where I first saw this tree with hearts, it was really long ago. For some time I have even contemplated making it a tattoo, like a family tree, but eventually gave up on the idea. So, I include it here, as great and simple idea for your February cover page.

7. Ladybug

February Bullet Journal cover page

These beautiful ladybugs on a flower are an idea I also found on Pinterest and simply fell in love with it the moment I saw it so I knew it had to be included on this list.

8. Raining rainbows

February Bullet Journal cover page

Isn’t this super cute? I found this on Instagram, it’s by @jotainspira, I changed it up just a little bit. I think this cover page can work for every month of the year but for some reason, I associated it with February, although I can’t explain it. But it is really cute and really not complicated to make.

9. Cat love

February Bullet Journal cover page

I don’t know how is it in your part of the world but here February is also associated with cat’s love because it is their mating season. I found this “love kitty” by Daniel Todorov and it seemed equally beautiful and simple to make. Since I really don’t know how to draw cats so this was a great option πŸ™‚

10. Dandelion

February Bullet Journal cover page

I think dandelions have absolutely no connection to February but I loved this drawing I found on Art Projects for Kids so much that it needed to be my February cover page and I used dandelions for my monthly log (you can see my whole Bullet Journal February monthly spread on my Instagram).

Well, I hope this helped with your search for an easy but beautiful February cover page for your Bullet Journal. Show me in the comments or using a #monthlyuglyjournal on Instagram, what is your choice this month.

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