Are you ready to set up your Bullet Journal but don’t really know what you need? This is a simple guide for your basic Bullet Journal supplies – on a budget.

There are really a million things people use while working on their journals in general. I have my own list of Journaling supplies and I created a guide for buying a gift for Bullet Journal lovers so if you need a broader list of ideas – check them out.

This post is really a simple guide for your basic Bullet Journal supplies that won’t break the bank. All (or most) of the items listed here are around ten dollars and really have a great value for your money.

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1. Notebook

First things first – you can’t start a Bullet Journal without a notebook (well, technically you can – you can do it on your computer too :)). Leuchtturm1917 made an official Bullet Journal notebook that has included index and page numbers (not sure what else since I haven’t used it). My niece has one and seeing her Bullet Journal I decided that Leuchtturm1917 is a too big investment for me so I decided to stick to my supermarket dotted notebooks.

The only issue with supermarket or no-name notebooks is that they rarely have numbered pages but honestly, that never bothered me – I just write the page numbers myself, I feel like it’s part of the process. There are a lot of options for budget-friendly dotted journals. For example, this Scrivwell journal I found on Amazon is an amazing investment: it’s not pricey but has a really good rating – you get a lot for your money.

2. Pens

To be completely honest: any pen is a perfect pen for your Bullet Journal! Many people use Sakura Pigma Micron pens both for drawing and for writing in their Bullet Journal. I personally use Uni Pin fine liners because they are available here where I live. They are slightly cheaper than Sakura Pigma Micron but they are amazing pens for the money you pay them. If you want to add a bit of color in your journal, these MUJI style gel pens are also a great option. Before I started using Uni Pin pens I used these super cute cat pens πŸ™‚ If you like a very fine point and a very fine line – I’d recommend this always!

3. Brush pens

When it comes to brush pens there are a lot of options. A lot of people use basic black Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens (myself included) and Tombow Dual brush pens or Pentel Touch brush pens for color. Black Tombows are not really pricey so I would definitely recommend them for everyone, even if you’re on the budget. My colorful brush pens are Online Calli.Brush and I do like them but the set I got has only 12 pens so not much of an option for different shades. The color brush pens I would recommend are these Ohuhu Dual markers – it looks like it’s pricey but you get 60 pens! And I love them! I just tried them out and fell in love instantly! And they come in this beautiful box too.

4. Stencil

Sometimes it is easier to draw out your pages using a stencil, especially if you have shaky hands or need help with drawing shapes in general (I know I do, my hand is often in a very different place than my mind intended :)). There are millions of options for buying stencil. If you want more options that include more than boxes and ribbons I’d suggest this 36-piece pack: you really do get EVERYTHING you need in it and it won’t break the bank. If basic is your thing and you don’t need/want a lot maybe this metal stencil that doubles as a ruler can be the thing for you. Having a ruler is also a really useful thing for your Bullet Journal – this geometry set is also quite useful for drawing out the pages in your BuJo.

5. Washi tape

I washi tape really necessary for your Bullet Journal? Well…no. But it does make everything just a little bit better πŸ™‚ The options for buying washi tapes are endless. You can find them in your Dollar stores or supermarkets near you and very often at a very acceptable price. Often is the case the more you buy the better the price – like these 48 rolls of washi tape I found. They are thin but look perfect for lining out your days, for example.

There are really a lot more supplies you can use in creating a Bullet Journal but these few are really the basic Bullet Journal supplies that will help you get started on your planner journey. If you think you’re not creative enough to make a Bullet Journal – check out this post How to set up a Bullet Journal when you’re not creative.

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