July is almost over so now is the perfect time to start working on your August Bullet journal. And if you are searching for beautiful AND simple August Bullet journal ideas – read on!

They say August is the Sunday of summer because the school starts right after, the vacations are coming to an end and life is returning to normal (well, as normal as it will be with the pandemic still full-on).

Since a lot of people are taking their summer vacations in August, it was only logical to include lots of summer themes on this list of beautiful and simple August Bullet journal ideas.

All of the ideas on this list for a Bullet journal August theme are really simple to make yet they really look amazing! simplicity doesn’t have to be boring – as you can see on this list.

So, let’s see!

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august bullet journal - waves

The only thing you need for this theme is a compass, a pen and some blue pen for the waves. It’s super simple to make, doesn’t require any artistic skills, and really looks awesome!

Art Deco

august bullet journal - art deco

The simplicity of Art Deco elements is amazing! All you need is a ruler and a pen. I usually make it with a gold gel pen but decided to try making it with a black pen only and I must admit – I love it!

Flower Pattern

august bullet journal - flower pattern

I found this simple pattern on a flower vase and thought it would be a great simple idea for a Bullet journal theme – and I was right! It’s super simple to make, you can play with different colors and sizes as you feel like and it looks kind of cute, too.


august bullet journal - tiles

This tile pattern is actually from a coffee cup my step-mother drinks from. Although it looks complicated, I assure you it’s really simple to make. all you need is a bit of patience because it takes a bit of time to make. I fell in love with Moroccan tiles patterns while working on ideas for March Bullet journal themes and this pattern seemed like a great fit for tiles and this month’s theme.


august bullet journal - avocado

I’ve seen this theme multiple times and drawn in many different ways. It always looked fun so I decided to add it to this list. What I learned while drawing avocados is that they are super simple to make and that there is no possible way to make them all look the same πŸ™‚ But that’s their charm – every avocado is unique. This is one of my favorite ideas for a beautiful and simple August Bullet journal theme.


august bullet journal - pineapple

One of the beautiful and simple August Bullet journal ideas is definitely a pineapple! It looks complicated to make but in reality, it’s really easy. My biggest issue was the leaves, I simply couldn’t get the right shape but luckily I draw everything by pencil first so there’s room for errors. A lot of them πŸ™‚

Coconut cocktail

august bullet journal - coconut cocktail

Nothing has a more summer vibe than a cocktail in a coconut. And I was delighted when I realized how simple and easy it is to draw a coconut. I had more trouble with the little cocktail umbrella but overall I think it’s beautiful and a great idea for your August Bullet journal theme.


august bullet journal - lighthouse

Here is one more summer and sea theme idea for your August Bullet journal. Everything on this cover page is really easy to draw – you just need a little concentration and a few colorful pens and that’s it. I especially like how the word ‘August’ became one of the waves. You must admit this looks awesome and it’s really not complicated to make.


august bullet journal - fish

Is it possible to have a summer themes list and not to include at least one idea with fishes? Well, I think not. So here it is. And since my artistic skills are not so formidable I decided to draw fish in the only way I know how – the simplest possible way πŸ™‚ And I love it! I love the repeating patterns of a simple thing, it can really look amazing as a whole.


august bullet journal - mondrian
august bullet journal - mondrian 1
august bullet journal - mondrian 2
august bullet journal - mondrian 3

Okay, I said it before but I must say that this one is one of my all-time favorite ideas for a Bullet journal theme. It’s amazingly simple! All you need is a ruler, a black pen, a few basic colors and that’s it. As you can see in my Bullet journal, it works amazing as the whole month’s theme, for monthly and daily logs. It’s obvious that this beautiful and simple August Bullet journal theme was inspired by famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

What do you think about my list of beautiful and simple August Bullet journal ideas? Did you find what you like? I hope you did and I hope you’ll share it with me in the comments or using a #monthlyuglyjournal on Instagram.

List of supplies I used:

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