March is almost here so it’s time to find a perfect theme for your March Bullet Journal!

The month of March is actually a very good month for ideas! From St. Patrick’s Day and spring to International Women’s Day and daffodils – there is a vast array of ideas waiting for you! From all of the ideas, I picked out 10 for your March Bullet Journal theme.

All of the cover pages are hand-drawn but not all of the ideas are mine. The authors of these amazing ideas must get credit for their creativity. I drew these myself so I can show you that you, too, although you think you can’t draw – can make this! If I did it, so can you!

Well, March Bullet Journal theme ideas are:

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1. Shamrock

March bullet journal theme shamrock

It’s definitely impossible not to include anything related to St. Patrick’s Day in a March Bullet Journal! I wanted to keep it simple with this shamrock banner that anyone can make, and although it’s not very visible on the photo, a touch of glitter on the letters adds to that festive note!

2. Pot of Gold

March bullet journal theme pot of gold

It was hard to decide with which Irish theme should I go for March Bullet Journal so I decided to include both πŸ™‚ This pot of gold is very simple to make and looks great as a cover page!

3. Art Deco

March bullet journal theme art deco

Since the twenties came again, I realized I really liked the Art Deco style so it was inevitable to use it at least once again this year (other than January). I love these simple lines and just a touch of gold that elevates this March cover page to another level.

4. Hot air balloon

March bullet journal theme hot air balloon

This is a super cute cover page for March and it is super simple to make! I used this idea I found on Pinterest and simplified it a bit. Making a hot air balloon is really a simple task so even if you think you’re not artistic enough, believe me – you can do it!

5. International Women’s Day

March bullet journal theme internationa women's day

March is the month in which we celebrate International Women’s Day and I simply had to include it in my list of ideas for March cover page. Since I really don’t know how to draw complicated stuff, I decided on this simple sign with a quote from Maya Angelou – and I think it looks awesome!

6. Green wreath

March bullet journal theme green wreath

Spring is almost here and everything is starting to change color into green – and I love it! The waking up of nature after the winter always seems like a miracle. Of course, I needed to include something green (other than St. Patrick’s shamrocks) on this list so here it is: the wreath of green plants!

7. Daffodils

March bullet journal theme daffodils

While I was searching for ideas for the March cover page list, I found out that daffodils are March birth flowers. That’s why they are a perfect idea for your March Bullet Journal. And if you don’t know how to draw a daffodil (like me), here is a perfect tutorial that will help you!

8. Daisies

March bullet journal theme daisies

I found this birthday card the other day and it looked like a beautiful idea for a cover page! I honestly thought that daisies don’t grow so early in the year but then I realized – it’s almost spring! And while searching for something green for my photos, I found a bunch of daisies in my backyard!

9. Moroccan tiles

March bullet journal theme moroccan tiles

This idea has nothing to do with March but I think it’s a great idea for any month of the year! I really wanted to do this Moroccan tiles for quite some time but it all seemed so complicated. Then I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to recreate it. And I love it – absolutely love it! Blue is my favorite color so this is my favorite idea for a cover page ever!

10. Colorful

March bullet journal theme colorful

Before I realized I would love the Moroccan tiles so much, I opted for this colorful page for my March theme. This technique was always my favorite when I didn’t know what to draw: just make random lines on the paper and draw each part different color! It’s always different and it’s very soothing to make!

So, what is your theme for your March Bullet Journal? You can check my full spread on my Instagram and if you want to share yours, leave it in a comment or use a hashtag #monthlyuglyjournal on Instagram.

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