Can you believe June is over and it’s already July?! It’s unbelievable how the time flies! But, that means it’s the perfect time to start working on your ideas for your July Bullet journal theme! In half of the world – the half I’m in, too – July marks the true beginning of summer and summer vacations, the sun, the sea, a lot of fun… so you can guess what will be the highlight of this list πŸ™‚

This list of simple ideas for the July Bullet journal theme has more or less that Summer feeling, although I did try to include some themes that are not connected to summer explicitly but that wasn’t so easy to do. Everything is drawn by me and it’s the simplest yet the most beautiful ideas for a July Bullet journal theme that I could think of.

So, let’s check it out!

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july bullet journal watermelons

I think nothing says “summer” more than ice-cream and watermelon. Since I already included ice-cream in my previous post with ideas for June Bullet journal, this month is watermelon’s turn πŸ™‚ You know what’s great about this idea, except for the fact that it’s super cute? Watermelons are really simple and easy to make. My hand was shaking all the time as I was drawing it but you can hardly notice – it’s perfectly imperfect!


july bullet journal cocktail

Okay, nothing says “summer” more than ice-cream, watermelons AND cocktails! I must admit that drawing this glass was far more complicated than I anticipated – but not impossible! If you have pens that are blendable or if you can use watercolors in your Bullet journal, I recommend it for the drink – the transition from yellow to red is awesome and it really reminds of the hot summer nights and beach parties πŸ™‚

4th of July

july bullet journal 4th of july

Although I’m not American it was hard not to include the 4th of July on this list of simple ideas for the July Bullet journal theme. This theme celebrates American Independence day and this is the simplest idea I could think of. It’s really simple yet it looks great! And you can use the same layout for New Year or January – just switch colors!


july bullet journal lemons

To add to the list of “summery” things – here are some lemons! I love lemons! Especially in the summer. They are refreshing, they mix well with cocktails and lemon ice-cream is amazing (I just recently found out that). And just look at them: like a bunch of warm suns! Beautiful! And as you can see, they are quite easy to draw – a perfect choice for your July Bullet journal.

Little boat at sea

july bullet journal boat at sea

Ugh, I got one more “nothing says summer like…” No, really, can you imagine the summer without the sea? And preferably a little boat? I know I can’t. This is one of those ideas for the July Bullet journal theme that is extremely simple to make but the end result is fabulous!

Watercolor flowers

july bullet journal watercolor flowers

Well, as you can see, the Bullet journal cover I made isn’t actually made with watercolors. My notebook isn’t strong enough to handle the watercolors so I had to do it with basic markers, but it still looks fantastic! So, this July Bullet journal theme is really simple to make: draw colorful squares and on them draw a flower or a plant you know how to make. Or doodle whatever you want. Whatever you choose it’s bound to look great. This really is a perfect idea for your July Bullet journal – and any other month too. You can’t miss with this one πŸ™‚


july bullet journal butterflies

Butterflies are also one fantastic idea for your July Bullet journal theme. They are amazingly beautiful and you don’t need to be an artist to draw them. You can choose whatever color combination is your favorite and that’s it! It’s a simple, versatile and very beautiful idea for any month of the year, not just July.

Art Deco

july bullet journal art deco

If you have seen my previous posts with monthly Bullet journal ideas, you may have noticed that I have included Art Deco on this list every month of the year. Well, the twenties are here, they are still not roaring but there’s time πŸ™‚ I have discovered my love for Art Deco doing these lists and I think it’s a great idea no matter the year or the month. These simple, geometrical lines are easily made with a ruler and you don’t have to have an inch of creativity in you and it will still look great. Add some metallic or glitter gold pen and that’s it – amazing!

Lost at sea

july bullet journal lost at sea

A secluded island, a couple of palm trees, a hammock (and preferably a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other)… that’s what my ideal summer vacation would look like. And it sounds like a perfect idea for your summer/July Bullet journal theme. At first, it might look a bit complicated to make believe me – it’s quite simple to make. Just draw it out with a pencil first and you’ll see how simple it is. You can hop on my Instagram here to check the full theme with palm trees I did last year in August.

Ready for the beach

  • july bullet journal ready for the beach
  • july bullet journal ready for the beach
  • july bullet journal ready for the beach
  • july bullet journal ready for the beach

So, my beach bag is ready, the sunglasses are here, my flip-flops on my feet… All I need is the sea! This is a theme I chose for my July Bullet journal. Beach bag and sunglasses which I tried recreating for weekly log, too. The sunglasses were much complicated to make so I think I’ll go with beach bags πŸ™‚

Okay, that’s it! Which ideas for July Bullet journal is your favorite? What did you choose for this month’s theme? You can share your ideas with me in the comments or use a #monthlyuglyjournal on Instagram.

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