Since I was a kid I always had some kind of journal. It was quite basic in the beginning: I’d write about things that were happening in my life, what happened in school and it was just a typical kid’s diary. When I became a teenager those journals became a bit more serious, I did a lot of self-reflecting (alongside typical teenage stuff – school, boys, annoying siblings…) and my journals were a way of coping with my reality (which is SOOO hard when you are a teenager). No one knew me better than my journals. And it was my way of getting lost in my own world until my first long term relationship.

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Although my journals were always off limits, one day, after a particularly nasty fight, my ex-boyfriend decided to read them and was deeply hurt that he wasn’t the main subject of my writing. I was so out of my mind that I threw them all. ALL! (I still can’t forgive myself for that) After that incident, I simply didn’t write anymore. I didn’t want anything similar to happen again.

Fast forward to a few years back I realized that I really miss my writing sessions. I missed that time that was just for me and where I can BE me, as I am. So I decided to start again. But I was lost. Didn’t know how to start. I lost all my confidence during that relationship and I simply didn’t know how to start again. I didn’t know where to begin, I had zero creativity in me and was completely lost, not knowing what to write about.

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So I consulted Pinterest. God bless all those people who are willing to help a lost beginner! I didn’t have fancy notebooks or pens. No washi tapes or cute stickers. Just a regular school style notebook and a basic pen. And there I was: a blank notebook in front of me and a blank brain inside me.

As many other surely started this way also my first sentence was: “I really want to write but I don’t know what to write about.” After that, I started explaining to myself/my journal why I even want to write and why it took me so long to start again. In the beginning, I felt like I was back in elementary school, my posts were mainly about my day, about the things I did or didn’t or, or things my husband did or didn’t do. But day after day somehow those sentences became more serious (or sometimes funnier) and my entries were longer and more “meaningful”.

As you can see, for starting a journal you only really need a blank notebook and a pen. Start with “I don’t know what to write about” and see where it leads you.

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