It took me a looong time to actually decide to start writing a blog about journaling (and my life in general). My biggest concern was that I wasn’t “good enough”, that what I have to share is not interesting enough and that my journals aren’t really for show. There are soooo many beautiful blogs about journaling, so many creative people who really know what they are doing. How could I compete with that?

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Then, one day, I had a moment of realization! All of those blogs were beautiful, all those bloggers were making magic with their journals. But none (or almost none) was… ordinary. For us, who are lacking the skills and talent for making beautiful journals. For us, whose journals were…ugly (or mediocre, at best). I had none to relate to. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

There are so many people who would love to start journaling. So many who are lurking and wishing they could start their own bullet journal, junk journal or a planner of sorts, but are simply intimidated by all those beautiful images they stumble onto. So I decided to share my story. To share the story of “the ugly journal”.

Why did i set up this blog 2 -

I decided to start a blog to inspire those with less artistic skills to take up journaling. My sole mission is to show you that you don’t have to be a creative genius to start a journal. My mission is to show you that you too can be creative even though you’re not artistic. And to show you that what you do matters. It’s your journal, it’s your journey, and it’s your story.

Ugly or beautiful, the most important is that it’s YOURS. Uniquely yours. Nobody was born with a vast knowledge of making art. But some were brave enough to go on that journey and start working on it. The process of making a journal is the thing that matters. You are making it for yourself, not for display, and you can make it anyhow you want. It can be as ugly as you want. It doesn’t matter. What matters is to take that time for yourself and pour your soul onto that paper.

Believe me – it will be worth it!


  1. Talia

    Those are great ideas!!! And one personal question: are you from Slovenia? Because I used to live there and I understood some of the things you wrote on the notebooks like voda=water ☺️

  2. Ohhh, I love how you openly share about your journey with journals. Thank you. And just like you, I also got intimidated how beautiful the works of others are in terms of lettering and calligraphy as compared to my work in progress handwriting, lettering and calligraphy. And I do my journals with just words in it coupled with my love for His word and my love for handwriting. I know I will be learning a lot from you…And just like you I dive in establishing my website and social media to start sharing my works knowing that there is power in a word itself. Words are life and I want to sow good seeds not just in my heart but in the hearts of others as well. So I faced my fear and started my journey no matter how perfect it is and shared my previous works which I just kept to myself for long. And I’m glad how others got encouraged as well to do what they love and to write with their heart😊✍ and how writing and journaling can do so much good to our heart mind and soul.🌻

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